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How It All Started


In 2020, LTG CEO and Founder, Johna Toomey, was mom on a mission trying to find the right tutor for her 4th grader as she juggled her career and pandemic learning. However, she couldn't find the type of expert, tailored, in-home service that she was looking for.


Johna was no stranger to educational services, she had previously been Founder and CEO of Learn to Learn Educational Services in San Francisco, CA. Since she couldn't find the level of tutoring that she knew could be delivered, she decided to be the change she sought. She started Learn Thrive Grow Academic Support to help her and other families not just survive pandemic learning, but thrive!

Learn Thrive Grow is more than a business, our mission is to be a true academic partner to the families we serve. We are passionate about unlocking the learning potential of each of our individual students.


Towards this goal, we bring to bear an outstanding team of tutors, the latest research and educational techniques, and a friendly, dedicated staff to ensure that your experience with us exceeds your expectations.

But don’t take our word for it—try us out today and find out how we can help your student!



Our Office Staff


Our Tutors and Educational Specialists

Tutors and Educational Specialists

Our tutors are experienced and reference and background checked. All of our tutors have at least one year of tutoring/teaching experience, but most have 2-10 years.

We hand-pick our tutors through a rigorous interview process.  Our focus is hiring tutors who are not only subject matter experts, but also excel at identifying student's learning styles and adjusting their presentation of the material to make learning more efficient and fun.

We comb through multitudes of applicants, conduct several round of interviews, so you don't have to.  We take building our team seriously and strive to hire only tutors who we would feel comfortable working with our own kids.  

*Unlike some tutoring companies, websites, and centers, we don’t mass hire, subcontract virtual tutoring overseas, hire high school students, or hire subject matter experts who aren't strong teachers.

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