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Learn Thrive Grow Academic Support provides tutoring, academic support, and enrichment to students at-home in Virginia, DC, and Maryland and virtually to students nation-wide. We provide tutoring in all academic subjects K-12 and test preparation.

We take the time to get to know you and your student so we can develop a customized tutoring plan that meets your goals and needs. We adapt our tutoring to your student’s learning style to make learning efficient and fun.

We offer in-depth educational consulting on learning challenges, enrichment, and/or gifted education. This includes developing educational plans after psycho-educational evaluation and/or specialized educational therapy tutoring utilizing programs such as Lindamood-Bell, Brain Integration Therapy, and Orton-Gillingham based reading programs.

We also provide comprehensive, tailored home-school support, from planning and curriculum development to tutoring and assessment.

Reading Tutor with Elementary Student


We believe education should inspire your student's academic curiosity, cultivate their talents, and expand their self-esteem.

Students learn best when they have a great rapport with their tutor, so we spend the extra time it takes to match you with just the right fit.


Our team focuses on uncovering and supporting your student's individual learning style, challenges, and/or strengths to maximize their academic potential and teach them life-long learning skills. This is not the type of experience you might have with a generic tutoring company focused on volume. We are a team of experienced educators and will be following along with you and your student to make sure your experience is impactful every step of the way.

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